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Adelina is an illustrative ceramic artist based in Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country (Canberra). She utilises clay to create playful sculptures, and vibrant decorative functional objects inspired by Japanese art.

Her series of Fortune Flasks, Vessels & Sara (dish) draw inspiration from Wagara, traditional Japanese patterns, reflecting a deep connection to nature, folklore, and cultural symbolism. Adelina has woven these cultural motifs into her ceramic creations. Her work depicts intricate layers of wagara, enriched with symbolism representing good fortune. Adelina's practice revolves around creating vessels brimming with positive symbolism, seeking to imbue homes with an aura of positivity and prosperity.

Her vessels become a canvas for storytelling, adorned with Yagasuri—bird feathers embodying protection and good luck. The Shippo pattern, a tapestry of concentric circles, embraces the seven treasures of Buddhism, symbolising a harmonious existence. Ume, the plum tree blossom, unfolds as the "flower of peace," echoing vigor, health, renewal, beauty, grace, and elegance. The Seigaiha pattern, akin to blue waves, whispers tales of calm and resilience, mirroring the ebbs and flows of good fortune.

These flasks are created to bring prosperity, health and good fortune to this homes they adorn.


In her landscape sgraffito work, she combines screen-printed underglaze transfers and sgraffito techniques, Adelina’s vibrant palette is reminiscent of coastal seascapes and mountain ranges, stylised animals all inspired by Japanese art. Featuring black outlines on the image transfers, together with royal blue and azure, aqua, apple green and chartreuse hues, they combine and harmonise together to create an expressive and distinctly vivid artwork.




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